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Honor your Beauty!

About Us

There are so many things that women of color do to tame their thick beautiful manes of hair, and not all of them are good, but all of them are for the sake of beauty and efficiency.  As little girls, we are forced to make choices - play or look pretty... and swimming...  I believe that that is the first lecture we receive on money management.  So by the time we hit our late teens, our hair has either been ponytailed, braided or weaved to the point of breakage, or processed to the point that it screams for forgiveness and relief, as we brush through it.

Having experienced this myself, I knew that nature MUST have a remedy for women of all colors that battle dry unmanageable hair or who just want a natural hair care system.  So it became my journey, one I dreamed of taking as a little girl, and one I embarked on as an adult to repair and return my own beautiful locks that had been beaten down with overheated combs and harsh chemicals.  In my quest, I discovered the growth properties of rosemary, the healing factor of honey extract and the miracle key ingredient Japanese Oryuza (Rice Bran) that truly serves as the multipurpose catch-all for women with dry, damaged, coarse, curly, kinky, natural , relaxed - all kinds of hair.

These amazing and transforming formulas are available through the Nuka Beauty website, select beauty supply stores and spas. We have created a safe haven full of nutrients and moisture for your skin and hair to return to whether you decide to go natural, perm, relax or color your hair.  So get out there, PLAY and look beautiful!

Honor Your Beauty! xoxo